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About me.

I'm currently im working as UX Designer in Siemens, specifically in the Building Products sector. 

I've crafted interfaces for the healthcare industry, blending technical precision with user-focused design. Simultaneously, my background in industrial design has not only nurtured my passion for tangible solutions that harmonize function and aesthetics, but also ingrained an analytical way of thinking. 


In my free time I like to do pottery and read science fiction books.

My goal is to work from a beauty point of view to create functional and feasible designs that impact the way that we feel and behave.



Universidad de Buenos Aires - Industrial Design

5 years Degree in Industrial Design, graduated in 2016


Sr. UX Designer - Siemens

In September 2021, I joined Siemens as an Interface Designer for the Smart Building portfolio. I am currently working the design system, used across multiple segments, aswell as providing support for the Product teams.

UX Designer - Studio Fifield

From 2018 to 2021, I worked developing UX design, (physical interface and GUI) for medical equipment  the US and Europe market.
I developed the projects from start to finish from the conceptual phase to prototyping and testing, side-by-side with the client.


Junior Industrial Designer - Gladiator Tools

From 2015 to 2018, I worked as an Industrial Designer.

My role concerned the design and development of housing for a series of power tools, from welding machines to thermofusion machines for Latin American clients.


Lecturer - EBA

Taught and developed curriculum for a Graphic Communication course, focusing on design theory, software utilization, student evaluation, and the integration of current graphic communication trends and technologies.

Intership in Morphology - FADU

Participated in a research group internship, focusing on the integration of digital design and fabrication in Industrial Design. Gained practical skills in advanced design software and contributed to the research dissemination, enhancing my technical expertise and collaborative abilities.

Acido diseño

I worked on my own project with small and medium enterprises, developing 3D models, renderings, and technical documentation. My work reflects my belief in leveraging design as a tool for industry advancement and equal competition.

Seminar for Social Emergency - SIUS

Participated in a seminar that explored the contribution of design to community empowerment. Collaborated on interdisciplinary projects to create design solutions for real-world challenges faced by charitable organizations and underprivileged communities. The initiative blended academic learning with a commitment to social responsibility, preparing for a professional practice dedicated to community enrichment.



Adobe XD

Sketch App







V-Ray (3D Max)

Adobe Animate


Visualize SW

3D Max

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