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I was assigned to the  team with the mission of elevating an existing design system. My role involved not only refining the guidelines and visual design, but also strategizing its expansion to ensure wider adoption. 


As the UX designer on a multidisciplinary team, I was charged with the challenging task of reimagining a legacy navigation system. Working alongside project managers, architects, and researchers, my focus was on transforming this outdated interface into an intuitive and engaging user experience.

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As the main UX/UI designer, I developed the interface for a heat activation retina procedure, streamlining the laser alignment process for ophthalmologists and enhancing the accuracy and safety of retina treatments.


I designed an interface for a continuous patient lung activity monitoring system, integrating the LuMon System and the CRADL project to provide healthcare professionals with a tool for real-time tracking and understanding of pulmonary health.


Before fully transitioning to a UX designer role, I worked as an industrial designer, primarily in technical fields like power tools and various other products. Here's a little sneak peek into my past journey ;)

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