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About the project

The project at hand focuses on the design of an intuitive and user-friendly interface for a continuous patient lung activity monitoring system. This monitor, connected directly to the patient's chest, enables healthcare professionals to not only track real-time lung activity but also view historical data, providing a comprehensive understanding of the patient's pulmonary health.

The cornerstone of this project was the LuMon System and the CRADL project .

The LuMon System is a renowned solution for Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) - a non-invasive bedside monitoring technique that provides a dynamic image of lung ventilation. The CRADL project, on the other hand, is an initiative aimed at transforming the understanding and management of respiratory diseases through the development of innovative and affordable lung monitoring solutions.

Our interface design builds upon these foundations, enhancing the functionality and user experience while maintaining the technical sophistication and clinical efficacy of these established systems. The goal is to provide healthcare professionals with an intuitive, reliable, and comprehensive tool for monitoring and managing patient lung activity

The set-up

This project was carried out as a collaborative effort involving a diverse team of development and medical experts, ensuring a balance of technical and clinical insights.

Our starting point was the extensive research provided by Sentect's team, which offered invaluable insights into the needs and constraints of such a system. This solid foundation enabled us to design with a clear understanding of the end-user in mind, as well as the operational environment.

To ensure that our solutions met the practical and clinical requirements, we worked closely with a key panel of stakeholders. This panel, consisting of potential users and other experts, played a crucial role in testing our solutions. Their feedback helped refine our design, ensuring it was not only technically sound but also intuitive and user-friendly for healthcare professionals.

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